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Phyllis Kaminsky
Phyllis Kaminsky, Consultant
Phyllis Kaminsky, Founder and Principal.

Welcome to Kaminsky Associates.

The international consulting firm I founded in 1989, Kaminsky Associates, has offices in Chevy Chase, Maryland and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Frequent overseas travel on business is second nature for me. Over the years I have made numerous fact-finding trips to many countries in different regions of the world. Based on comprehensive in-country personal meetings with relevant officials, I have gathered useful political and marketing data for several major U.S. companies about foreign government policies and their future defense and security requirements.

The treasure trove of contacts I acquired from many years of service as a high-ranking government official and a senior member of the United Nations Secretariat, include Prime Ministers, Presidents, Government Ministers, Parliamentarians and Ambassadors.

I provide my clients with a balanced perspective and keen understanding of the kind of overseas political environment in which they have to operate. Because of my proven access to trustworthy information from senior foreign officials, my political analyses have proven to be reliable and accurate. The ability to understand and analyze the workings of complicated foreign government bureaucracies and the local business environment has greatly benefitted my clients. They have received useful and relevant information about how they can get things done in a difficult and, sometimes, unfriendly overseas environment.

In depth and accurate reporting is increasingly sought after these days. I respond to that need by providing a product that is accurate and credible enabling the recipient to understand and evaluate the multiple sources of information currently available via the broadcast and print media, the internet and social media.

I have written extensively about foreign policy issues and appeared on national and international radio and television.